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Hello Darlings!

Finaly I got all photos from my first latex session with Tibor Rogulja. I did collaboration with Whipshhh creative and custom made latex brand from New Zealand. Whipshhh crew and owner Shannon Avery is into pin up, burlesque, fetish, street ‘n’club style.


I got mini black dress with some mint green details and shaped cups. I am latex newbie but absolutely into latex aesthetics. It’s really like wearing “second skin”. These days in Croatia it’s really hard to purchase latex, especially cute colorful and sophisticated pieces.



Heels are by crazy brand Iron Fist, model “dead punks”.
iron fist
manic panic
I am big Iron Fist fan, since I my teen ages when I was big psychobilly and horrorpunk fan.
I  did collaboration with well known hair color and cosmetics brand Manic Panic. I used Manic Panic hair dye for my orange – pink ombre and Manic Panic cosmetics for my make up.

manic panic greta

Manic Panic cosmetics brand was “born” in 1977 when two punk girls Tish and Snooky, at the time singers in the original Blondie lineup, added some extra ambition to their rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle.

I am very satisfied with Manic Panic hair dye, considering that my hair isn’t bleached, their semi hair dye last amazing (but for most people who have never dyed their hair, regardless of hair color, I recommend pre-bleaching) . For vibrant hair I used Manic Panic® Electric Lava™ + Hot Hot™ Pink shades and for glam make up I used matte LETHAL™ Lipstick (Mod A Go Go), for eyes POWDER SHADOW (Virgin™) GLAM™ DUST (Angel dust) and True Glam™ Lashes (Atomic Tuurquise).

Important fact, their cosmetics and hair products are vegan and PPD free, tested on celebrities, not animals 🙂

At the end I am presenting You my small chat and interview with american haute alternative brand Torture Couture.

Torture Couture-Jewelry & Accessories is adorned with skulls, spikes, swarovski crystals, florals, and more! Their inspirations spawn from love for film, rock/n/roll, horror, with a hint of GLAM and a dash of screams! I am wearing TC Audrey Hepburn necklace – “Live fast die Pretty”.

Hello TC 🙂
Can You tell me what inspired You for “Torture Couture” accessories?

Originally Torture Couture was created because I couldn’t find accessories that I loved for myself. So I started making my own jewelry and costume pieces. People would ask me where I bought my jewelry, and I decided it would be a good idea to make them for other people and start selling them.

Why name “Torture Couture”?

The name actually came from a college project, it was the name for my would-be clothing collection, if I ever made one. I attended the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in San Diego & Los Angeles, and for my Brand Imaging class, we had to make up a brand and target market. Torture Couture was originally a clothing brand of career-wear, with a fetish edge- Blazers, coats, blouses with gothic influence. When I actually started the business I found that I enjoyed making jewelry/accessories more, so I stopped making costumes and clothing to do what I love.

How “old” is Torture Couture?

Torture was started in 2004 after I graduated from FIDM Los Angeles. It started out on eBay and Etsy, and we now run our webstore online at: TortureCouture.com, where we primarily sell our merchandise. But we are found worldwide, from the states to Canada, Australia, and UK!

It’s haute alternative/goth/punk/rockabilly jewelery popular in US?

Alternative Jewelry/accessories are really popular right now. But just like all seasons, people follow the trends, so we’re busy for months, and sometimes we have a month where it’s really slow for us. Our biggest season of the year is Fall-Winter-dark colors, custom costumes, and more. We’ve been blessed to have such a large customer base, and they’re all so diverse! We have pinups, goths, and “normal” people buying us!

What are your favourite accessories?

My favorite items to wear ALWAYS are my Torture Spiked Rosaries in black! I layer two long rosaries together, one spiked, one plain, and I wear them every day!

What kind of individuals wear “Torture Couture”?
I’ve found that we have something for everyone, there have been a wide range of customers through the years, but I guess if we had to specify a specific group of people, I’d have to say “Alternative” or “Gothic”.

Ty 🙂


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