Hello Darlings 🙂

This wonderful sunday I will introduce you with amazing brand British retro! I had a lovely afternoon with photography team Igor Dugandzic and Marija Gasparovic. We created a collection of beautiful retro/fashion photos and relive the atmosphere of sweet 50’s. I was wearing my lovely “Fancies dress” with supercute cupcake print and “Veronica Rouge” dress.
I am also wearing my violet vintage nylon/chiffon scarf which blended perfectly with my “cupcake” outfit as well!

“Veronica Rouge” outfit is compleated with amazing Glitter Paradise accessories (lovely hair flower and burgundy confetti /lucite golden triangle 50’s style earrings). Whenever, wearing these dresses I feel like a “Stepford Wife”.

These days I had a small chat with British Retro crew and also find some great infos and inspirations about BR brand.

So…British Retro is young retro “made in UK” brand specialising in bringing you elegant vintage style dresses from the good old days. British retro crew represent you gorgeous vintage-style clothing that will transport you back to a time of elegance and finesse with a touch of naughty, Pin Up cheekiness.

British Retro was started by David Thomas who’s background is 15 years in the London fashion industry and Claire Ladosu who graduated in 2008 from London’s famous St Martins College Of Fashion, where the likes of Alexander McQueen and John Galliano’s career’s first started.

They initially had a love of historical clothing from the 15th century renaissance, to the 18th century dandies but had to be practical knowing they would not sell this type of apparel. Therefore as British retro team loved the elegance and finesse of the 40’s and 50’s too and had a penchant for smoky classic films, they decided to embrace the clothing of these eras. Main BR aim was to bring an element of light-hearted gorgeousness with a whiff of tradition to dresses and ‘hey presto’ British Retro was born!
BR vowed never to manufacture in Far East and to only utilise local factories and suppliers. They also wanted to prove to the industry that fabulous dresses could still be made and sold at a reasonable price using British trade.

Thank You, BR team for lovely chat.

Enjoy in pics and pastel colors 🙂


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